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鸿禾娱乐平台 NEOVIA® GmbH und Co. KG was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Rotenburg on the Wümme. Our company started out manufacturing and distributing biologically degradable disinfectants such as ANTI-KEIM and NeoBubble® as well as customised technology. In 2005, NEOVIA® expanded its range of products to include bioavailable nutrient supplements for plants and animals and launched Silamol® and SilProVit® / SilProVit®L on the market. High technological standards combined with environmentally friendly concepts make us one of the leading suppliers of irrigation, air conditioning and control technology. Since 2007 NEOVIA® has also supplied the NEOFOGG® systems – ingenious misting systems for many industries.

NEOVIA公司成立于1988年,总部设在德国Rotenburg Wumme。NEOVIA创立之初便定位于专业从事生产、销售生物降解消毒剂以及定制技术公司。2005年,NEOVIA扩大其产品范围至植物和动物可利用营养补充剂,并开始推广最新的Silamol®和SilProVit®/ SilProVit®L等产品。高技术结合环保概念使其产品远销世界各国。